Dr Anne McCloskey

“I believe firmly in the power of humanity, in our goodness, in our overwhelming need to protect our children. I have no doubt we will prevail!”

Profession: GP / Physician

Country: Northern Ireland

Position: Raised professional concerns about the safety of COVID-19 ‘vaccinations’ through social media platforms and leaflets.

Repercussions: Suspended from medical practice for 18 months starting from August 2021. Appealing the suspension in the High Court of Northern Ireland, with proceedings slated for October 2023.



With more than four decades of experience in the medical field, Dr Anne McCloskey is a respected general practitioner based in Derry, Northern Ireland. She briefly retired but returned to active duty in 2020 to assist with the COVID-19 crisis. During her service, she developed serious concerns about the government’s COVID-19 policies and the manipulation of her local community to comply with these policies.

Actions & Outcomes

To raise awareness about her concerns, Dr McCloskey started creating and distributing videos in the summer of 2020. These videos gained significant traction on social media before being censored and ‘shadow-banned’ by mainstream platforms.

In Spring 2021, she collaborated with a team of like-minded Irish doctors to create a leaflet warning about the potential dangers of COVID-19 ‘vaccinations’, particularly for children and pregnant women. This led to her suspension from medical practice in August 2021.

Current Status

Dr McCloskey is acutely aware of the intimidating impact such severe measures can have on younger doctors. She firmly believes that these actions are designed to frighten and humiliate others into silence. As of August 2023, she continues to fight her case in the High Court of Northern Ireland.

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