Nominee Suggested Contact Text

SUBJECT: You have been nominated as a Lighthouse Keeper

Dear [NAME of nominated person],

I am not sure whether you are aware of The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration? It was created by a psychologist and two doctors in Australia who were censored and suspended from practice when they questioned government policy. You can learn more about their story at the website:

I would like to see your profile added to the growing list of medical and health professionals profiled as ‘Lighthouse Keepers’ on their website – and am writing to you let you know that I have nominated you as a potential ‘Lighthouse Keeper’.

What does this mean? The founders of The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration are recognising individuals who have set an example and who have demonstrated speaking truth to power in their community. It’s their mission to provide a voice to the many health and medical professionals who are demanding truth – and who stand against censorship of health professionals.

Symbolically, throughout history, the Lighthouse Keeper is someone who is brave and dependable – even during the stormiest seas, they continue providing guidance and ’light’ to warn of danger and protect lives.

Creating your profile is quick and easy, as they do most of the work.  

If you are interested, please look out for an email from The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration team once they’ve reviewed your nomination.