the Declaration

In the early days of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’, three ‘everyday’ Australian health professionals in differing fields, individually questioned the potential dangers of their government’s responses and highlighted the potential harms of such measures. All three were immediately targeted by their professional regulators – and their licenses to practice were suspended under immediate action powers created for ‘public protection’.

Previously unknown to each other, they connected as a result of being subject to a targeted campaign of extreme over-reach in the form of cancellation, threats and harassment.

Almost two years on… in January 2023, they were inspired to meet to launch The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration.

The Great Barrington Declaration revolved around ‘focused protection’ for the elderly and infirm.

Our declaration is a homage to that and focuses on Freedom of Speech for health professionals to tell the other side of the story – and there IS another side to the story that the public need to know.

“We recognise the vital importance of raising awareness.

Join with us in taking a stand for a healthy future.”

Organising Members

Why Here? Why Now?

Across the globe, the image of the lighthouse standing against a dramatic coastal environment resonates as a potent symbol of human activity in an often wild and treacherous environment.

As navigational aids, lighthouses serve to protect and guide mariners along perilous coastlines – as well as providing safe passage into a bay or harbour. Symbolically, they have come to represent hope and security, as well as possessing powerful spiritual meaning.

Cape Byron Light Station is the easternmost point of the mainland of Australia – and the continent’s most powerful lighthouse. Traditionally known as Cavanba (renamed Byron Bay in 1894), the cape and its environment provided the local Aboriginal people with physical and spiritual resources which sustained both life and culture. Today the Arakwal people are recognised as the official custodians of the area of Byron Bay. They refer to the area of Broken Head and Byron Bay as the ‘Cavanbah’, which means the ‘meeting place’.

We invite you to become a signatory to The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration in this online ‘meeting place’ so that the voices of health professionals and concerned citizens around the world may become ‘beacons of light’ in these rapidly changing times.


We invite you along with all our colleagues nationally and internationally to add your voices to support The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration.