What are the Key Messages?

Consider ‘why’ – why people like myself and my colleagues have been suspended, disciplined, censored and bullied? When people bully, coerce or censor, there’s a reason for it. If what we were saying was easily refutable, then debate us publicly. We’ve never been allowed to raise our points – or have our voices heard. [Ros]

It’s become clear that we need to stop these shots. Look at the all-cause mortality. Look at what is happening to our birth rates in the countries where these Covid jabs have been rolled out. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s in the data. We’ve all been watching the data and have tried to communicate this to the public. We’ve faced censorship, coercion and bullying by our regulatory bodies. For the sake of humanity, it’s time that all of us start to speak out. [Paul]

In terms of causation, early on in the pandemic I frequently saw medical notes where a person had lost their job, or their marriage, or were in financial peril, were abusing substances, etc. and it was listed as ‘because of Covid’. No! Covid is the pathology that arises from the virus. This was the sequelae of human action – of government policy. [Rob]


  1. It is a blessing that you have spoken out and taken the stand you have as gave many others around the world. I would like to see you and other groups within Australia form a United front and for the same to happen in other countries around the world and together a Unighted world platform to prevent anything like this happening again. Unighted we Stand Divided we Fall. Such a group would be far better then the W.H.O You are a great example of do unto others as you wish done unto yourselves, may that driving force be with you all. Regards

  2. Thank you so much for your courage to stand up for truth & justice.
    I urge everyone to listen to the message of these professionals, critically analyse what they are saying and decide for yourself.

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