What brought you together?

This declaration is about raising awareness and letting people know that there has been censorship globally, where many health professionals have been unable to speak out.

In early 2021 the regulator issued a… ‘gag order’ which was basically a diktat to say that anyone who criticised government policy risked disciplinary action. In our case that was severe. It was immediate suspension from practice.

This declaration is about having the freedom of speech to give a different side of the story.


  1. Thank you so much Good Doctors for following your big hearts to speak out and support all the people rather than those untrustworthy Doctors that unlawfully follow the $$$ and blindly complete their unethical work in our current sad society!

  2. So very encouraging thank you for all you do I hope many more start waking up and standing up it is up to all of us, sharing content speaking to neighbours and friends and family, considering comments and helping out even a little can help make a difference if more share.
    A song I sing to myself one I have always liked from many years ago United We Stand by Brotherhood of Man.

  3. Thank you for your courage. Too many of us went along with irrational and unethical mandates without question. It’s our job as health practitioners to test everything we’re told against good common sense logic and scientific evidence- and when the so called “science” seems dubious- we’re the ones who will have to call it out, now and into the future.

  4. I applaud you for this stand. People need to know the truth about the way we are being controlled by ‘big pharma’.

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