What Caused you to Speak out?

I waited quite a while to speak out. I assumed someone ‘higher up the chain’, a professor or one of the associations, would speak out. When I asked my professional bodies, I was told that speaking out about government policy meant I could face disciplinary action. That was the final straw. People have to know what’s going on. [Ros]

Nothing added up with the use and misuse of PCR testing, masks … and lockdowns. Pandemic policy (previous ‘best practice’) didn’t call for any of the measures that were taken. However, things mysteriously flipped in February/March 2020. People were ignoring the data – and everything they were doing was wrong. [Rob]

I spoke out because I didn’t feel I had a choice. As a critical care doctor, my priority was to save lives, prevent hospitalisations and deaths. I felt bound by my Hippocratic Oath and my ethical responsibility to let people know that there were treatments, and also to alleviate the fear. [Paul]

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