What is the way forward?

The only way forward is from a place of love, forgiveness, and compassion. We’ve been divided into two different groups. ‘Divide and conquer’ is the oldest strategy in the playbook. We are not in two different groups, but have been manipulated to believe that there are two sides to this. Understanding why people have taken the position they have is really important – and the first place that begins is with yourself. I don’t hold any grudges, there are no “I told you so’s” towards people who hold positions different to my own. I know they’ve been manipulated and fed extreme levels of propaganda – using targeted psychological techniques to get them to take the position they have. Understanding that, and finding forgiveness and compassion for self – and others – is the starting point. [Ros]

There’s been a massive breach of trust, a betrayal. The social contract has been broken. Having realised that, in the wreckage of shattered illusions, it leaves an opportunity to come together and rebuild our way of relating to one another in society. It puts love, compassion and basic values back at the core of our society. We’re inviting practitioners around the globe to connect with this image of being the ‘lighthouse keepers’ – the keepers of love, compassion and basic human rights, along with all the principles we enunciate in the Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration. [Paul]

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