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Fundamental human rights and democracy cannot live in a society of censorship, coercion and propaganda. Freedom of expression – having an opinion – are fundamental human rights. Important principles like ‘bodily autonomy’ and ‘informed consent’ must be respected. The threat to our freedom as individuals, to live as free human beings, is far greater than any threat to our professional reputation or loss of income. We need to know our rights before we can assert them. [Paul]

There are many health practitioners who we know feel exactly as we do. However, due to censorship and the punitive actions taken against us, they have been too frightened to speak out. We’re reaching out to our fellow health practitioners and asking them to speak out and have their voices heard. If you’re unsure, we urge you to engage and make up your own mind. [Ros]

If you believe in ‘the common good’, that it can be decided on by an unelected elite, and that ‘the ends justify the means’… then you have nothing to worry about. If you believe in ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘the right to speak your mind’, rather than having to always speak in accord with your professional or government regulators, be cautious. ‘Cancel culture’ is real. It’s not hyperbolic to say we are on a perilous path. Tyranny can hide behind ‘good intentions’. When concepts like ‘health’ and ‘safety’ can be used to usher in a ‘state of emergency’ where they can impose whatever they want, it’s like living with an abusive partner who says, “It’s for your own good”. You might think you are ‘free’ now – but when is the fist going to fall again? If we are not vigilant, it will happen again. [Rob]


  1. Being a permanent night shift worker I did not realise we had all been gagged by AHPRA in March 2021. I wrote an email to the president of the NMBA who then reported me to AHPRA. Notations have now been placed on my nursing/midwifery registration. I am required by them to attend an anti bullying workshop and attend a Government approved Covid Vaccination Course. I have apologised for my swearing yet I will not attend any government Covid vaccination course as I will not be complicit to murder and crimes against humanity. I have sent countless links to the DG of QH and AHPRA showing the scientific evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these vaccines are lethal. Essentially this is a censored version of the original email.

    From: Jennie Want
    Date: 9 November 2021 at 12:00:20 pm AEST
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Dear Jennifer Want : Nursing and Midwifery Board Newsletter

    To the board, 

    I find this absolutely offensive that this Nursing body would entertain pushing a drug that has not gone thru stringent testing. Have you all lost your minds. Pushing this onto pregnant woman and children is horrifying. 

    The doctors who are at the head of this CoViD 19 plandemic are saying stop the vaccine, choose early treatment of the virus as it is a safer alternative. 



    There are Doctors and nurses who are suffering profound neurological side effects and can no longer work because of the adverse reactions they have suffered from these vaccines.

    Your business is nursing and midwifery not pushing drugs. 

    My husband and son took the vaccines without my knowing, I am devastated.

    Keep your opinions about these vaccines to
    yourself ….. it is none of your business. 

    In munay, 

    Jennifer Want . 

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