Why aren’t more people aware?

We grew up believing we could trust mainstream media. Existentially, it’s difficult to take the leap to consider that we’ve been subjected to propaganda. Psychological techniques like ‘Nudge Theory’ have been deliberately used to bypass our conscious awareness and target the oldest part of the brain. ‘Emotive’ messaging has been used to trigger our most primal fears. We must ask why this has been necessary? [Ros]

A lot of people are not aware of the sheer scale of the propaganda campaign – and the level of censorship. Now we’re becoming more aware of government involvement in social media – and it’s frightening. It’s not something we’ve ever lived through – this scale of propaganda and censorship.  As a result, a lot of people aren’t aware, because the information is censored. [Paul]

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  1. I love you all
    I thank💞you
    I live my truth
    I stand in my truth/power
    I cannot be a follower
    I love I appreciate i value
    I love whom i am

    Lots of loving kindness & hugs
    I send you now


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