Why aren’t practitioners speaking out?

Practitioners have seen what happens to people like us who spoke out – and the attacks by the regulatory bodies have had the appropriate chilling response. These policies have done enormous harm to all members of our community… children were never at risk of Covid. Practitioners have an ethical and moral responsibility to ‘do no harm’ – it’s no longer a time to rely on edicts from above. We must provide advice to our patients and clients that will benefit them. [Paul] 

Awareness is a function of the information we are provided. We’ve lived these past three years in a culture of extreme censorship. Many practitioners only had access to one side of the story. And the other side was ‘contaminated’ with views that are fringe and off-putting… People have a sociometer, where they look to see the outcome of considering another side to the story. People have a drive to get along with each other and many view social exclusion as something to be incredibly afraid of – even if they’re not consciously aware of it. [Rob]

Practitioners have seen the draconian measures used on us. Psychologically, and as a parent, my fear of not speaking out is greater than the threat of loss of livelihood. This is not going away. If people don’t speak out, the consequences for our children are dire. Do the due diligence. Take time to investigate and think critically – these are the most important issues we’ve faced in our lifetime. [Ros]


  1. Thank you all for your courage in taking a stand and speaking out against what’s really been happening with healthcare during the covid situation. It has been brutal at times, living in Victoria, Australia over the past 3 years.

  2. Thank you for your courage and risking your reputations in order to educate and inform. Each individual act of courage has emboldened the rest of us. As a now ‘unregistered’ health professional I am both dismayed and appalled that Medical Practitioners and Pharmacist’s continue to push the obviously unsafe and ineffective “vaccine”. Personally, there is no excuse for violating medical ethics or acting against your own conscience. Of course, many believe the ‘official narrative’ and this reflects a disturbing lack of critical thinking.

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