Fleur Borrelli


Let us sow a new way of humanity for now and the future. Now is the time to recognise our own power to create something bigger and better.

Profession: Psycho-Neuro-Immunology Clinician (PG Dip cPNI), Nutritional therapist (BSc Nut Med)

Position: Borrelli was deeply troubled by the media’s excessive fearmongering about the lethality of Covid-19, which was grossly exaggerated. Equally concerning was the censorship that hindered the dissemination of crucial, potentially life-saving information, especially concerning natural ways to boost immune resilience. Inspired by her father’s wartime efforts, she fervently champions health freedom.



Borrelli earned her BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London and furthered her education with a post-graduate diploma in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. She brings over two decades of clinical healthcare experience to her practice. Her therapeutic approach integrates biofeedback, food and exercise as medicine, enhanced by deep learning and psycho-social techniques.

Actions & Outcomes

From the early days of the pandemic, Borrelli voiced her concerns about the coercive use of experimental biology and questioned the reliability of PCR testing. Through conversations and social media outreach, she raised alarms about the safety concerns flagged by healthcare professionals facing censorship. Borrelli’s advocacy has focused on the essential role of understanding our own personality and our ability to adapt and change in building health resilience, challenging the conventional medical narrative that views the immune system as largely autonomous. Her educational efforts aim to empower individuals to nurture their complex immune systems for optimal functionality.

Current Status

Fleur continues to a run a private clinic in Chiswick and Putney in West London. The foundations of Fleur’s practice are based on how our emotions are linked to disease and explaining this ‘deep learning’ process to her clients. 

She also continues to speak out about the Covid event. She feels very strongly that out of love for our fellow humans, we cannot self-censor. We need to say ‘no’ to what we feel is wrong.

Why this Lighthouse?

Borrelli has chosen Beachy Head Lighthouse which can be found on the south coast of England, protecting ships from the cliffs at Beach Head since 1902 and providing views of the Seven Sisters cliffs.  In 2011, a successful campaign raised enough money to repaint its distinctive red and white stripes and in 2019 the strength of its light was increased to compensate for the loss of a decommissioned lighthouse nearby.