The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration

During the Covid era we have witnessed unprecedented censorship of health professionals and scientific opinion globally. As a result, many people in Australia – and worldwide – are still missing vital information.

A number of health practitioners spoke out early in the pandemic about the preventable suffering, death and disability resulting from poorly evidenced government policies that consistently increased Corporate and Government stakeholder profits, whilst simultaneously using their positions of trust and authority to deny and punish those who dared to exercise their rights of freedom of speech and informed choice. These professionals were heavily censored in the mainstream and social media – and attacked by regulators.

This censorship has caused harm to you – and to your country.

Early on, each of the three organising members of The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration, guided by their ethical obligations to protect their patients and clients, individually attempted to raise public awareness about the enormous potential harms of Covid policy. All three had their licenses immediately suspended, threatening their careers and livelihoods. Additionally, they experienced bullying and censorship resulting in their professional reputations being challenged with limited opportunities to address these issues publicly.

These individuals represent a tiny fraction of the health professionals globally who have been censored, ‘disciplined’ and targeted in various ways, including highly-credentialled and published doctors, scientists and academics – as well as public figures.

It’s time to stop censoring the genuine voices around the world who have refused to remain silent – and also to give voice to those who have been too afraid to speak out. It’s time to stop attacking the free speech of all individuals, along with the imposition of punitive actions that prevent such individuals from being able to function professionally.

Whether in their personal or professional capacity, individuals have the right to freedom of speech around many contentious matters. That includes Covid-related issues such as lockdowns, masks, early treatments, preventative health options, and mandated injections – as well as issues unrelated to Covid, including, but not limited to, medical interventions, childhood gender dysphoria and data privacy.

Not only has information about cheap, safe, and effective early Covid treatment protocols been systematically blocked, resulting in needless suffering and death. Tragically, we are now also witnessing the censoring, silencing, and targeting of individuals who attempt to share their ‘lived experience’ after suffering an injury resulting from a Covid-19 ‘vaccine’. Their contributions are being systematically attacked and disappearing from social media.

Disciplinary measures taken in various countries have differed in degree, but one common ‘trigger’ globally has been any discussion of potential harms from the new synthetic, gene-based technology used in Covid injections. Regulatory bodies in many countries have ‘gagged’ and blocked health professionals from discussion on a whole range of issues where an opinion might be contrary to government policy, or where corporations are involved in public-private partnerships that raise questions around potential conflicts of interest.

As a direct result of such silencing and censorship, the majority of the world’s population is still unaware that gene-based technology remains experimental – and that this entire ‘vaccination’ roll-out has been part of the largest, still ongoing, human trial of any medical intervention in our lifetime. Although some of the measures have been lifted and many feel that things are ‘returning to normal’, evidence continues to mount that confirms the ongoing detrimental impact on people’s lives, their livelihoods and their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

The best expression of a ‘duty of care’ for each other is never derived from profiteering mandates of conflicted Government or corporate policies. It always comes from humble human beings prepared to give up their reputations, livelihoods and status, to courageously speak the truth – no matter what.

It’s time to declare:

All silencing and censorship by bureaucrats and regulators, including of experienced practitioners and scientists, must stop. There must be respect for every individual’s right to freedom of opinion and expression.

The right to ‘informed’ consent must be upheld – and must include being fully informed of relevant risks, as well as any benefits (proven or presumed).

Mandates and other forms of medical coercion are unethical – and must cease. Bodily autonomy is the inalienable right of every individual – and must be respected.

There is an urgent need for transparency and reform in science and medicine and to halt the increasing globalisation of public health. We demand the restoration of voice and decision power to individual practitioners – and to those they serve.

We invite you along with all our colleagues nationally and internationally to add your voices to support The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration.


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