Dr Robert Brennan

Dr Robert Brennan taught anatomy and biomedical sciences for a decade before entering medical school and forging a successful career in mental health care. On 20th September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on five complaints (four named and one anonymous) in relation to distributing flyers/pamphlets linking back to Covid Medical Network (CMN) resources.  They also cited Rob’s role as a director of CMN, alongside authorship of certain letters and publications on the CMN website.

  • Visit the CMN, later renamed the Australian Medical Network (AMN) here.
  • Read the CMN letter that attracted the attention of the Medical Council of NSW here


  1. My heart breaks for all of you. I remember Dr Heiko Schoening from Germany, he knew what he was in for, and I think he revoked his license himself, because he didn’t want to end up with criminal charges. Some doctors have fled Austria and Germany, Dr Bodo Schiffmann is now in Africa, so many of you brave doctors have been through so much. I am forever grateful to all of you!

  2. Hey Robert & team, great site and the CMN letter from Aug 2021 – with the heading PRIMUM NON NOCERE — FIRST, DO NO HARM – that letter ought to be read by all clinicians, STILL, today! I’ll do my best to forward to those I know.
    I have just shouted your 2 colleagues a couple of coffees but how do I do that for you?
    Thanks for all you do
    Laurette, Cairns

  3. There is continuing evidence that the vaccines (mRNA…I don’t look at the others) reduce hospitalization and death. Australia has experience at least 20,000 deaths, Canada 50 thousand, USA one million. Australia was lucky, the illness hitting them hard first in 2022, when it was less severe (much which we did not know until it came and went). The vaccines had solid data supporting efficacy against death and hospitalization reducing those by over 90%; the initial power was weak but has subsequently been confirmed. Excess mortality in Europe and NA is same or less in the vaccinated populace cf unvaccinated or poorly vaccinated. Masks reduce illness by 60% (The Lancet, June 27th 2020, by which time doctors started to accept them). Vaccine hesitancy killed people in Canada, and this is reflected as well by different states in USA. You contribute to that hesitancy without displaying compelling evidence. Did you really want us to live through the pandemic before we introduced what proved to be a successful vaccine? The data is EASY to find. Yours is nowhere to be seen (put references to reliable journal articles up on your website, or PLEASE point to them if they already exist…I followed a couple out of the CMN letter and was underwhelmed). Hindsight is 20/20. Show your evidence and convince your colleagues BEFORE you go to the public. Show me, PLEASE. If you do not have evidence of the quality we normally expect (practice changing, not hypothesis generating) take down the website…maybe it is just out of date now?? But I cannot find decent evidence on your website…please show me. Retired Professor of Oncology, 45 years clinical experience (20 in General Int Med), graduate degree in Pharmacology

  4. Excellent interview with Dr. John Campbell. I have signed the Cape Byron LIghthouse Declaration and I believe it is vital to have free speech, especially for scientific matters – that’s what peer review is all about. So shining a light on the censorship is so necessary. So may people who don’t take the time to understand what is going on need to be informed.

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