Dr Paul Oosterhuis

Dr Paul Oosterhuis is an Australian born doctor who earned his medical degree at Sydney University with specialist anaesthetic training at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,  Sydney.  He practiced in Anaesthesia and Critical Care medicine for more than 32 years.  On 3rd September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on four anonymous complaints submitted to the regulator in relation to his Facebook posts.

  • Read Paul’s initial Facebook posts from 2021 here
  • Two hours after this tweet, Paul received ‘the call’ from the Medical Council.
  • Paul’s testimony to the Medical Council (September, 2021) can be read here.
  • Discover how Paul fought back and took the Medical Council to the Supreme Court here.


  1. Thank you Paul for your knowledgeable and courageous stance. I deeply appreciate your extraordinary efforts in sharing the truth.

  2. Thanks Paul Robert and Ros for your noble leadership in your stand against mass murder,
    May God bless you all

  3. Thank you so much. I’ve seen a black police squad force entry into a German medical expert/Chemist’s home whilst live on the Internet. He did a video on graphene hydroxid, his name was Andreas Noack. I’ve heard about many German doctors, even a judge, having their homes and offices raided. Speaking out landed some in mental institutions, and poor lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich has illegally been kidnapped, and now sits in a German prison cell. So, I know what so many of you have gone through, I am beyond upset, I’m devastated, and I’m also furious. Such crimes. Such evil, the more I look, the more evil I uncover. May God bless you all!

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