Ros Nealon-Cook

Ros Nealon-Cook is a former registered psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience supporting children and their families.  Her previous career / education was in business and computer science which saw her working with numerous blue-chip companies globally.  She retrained as a psychologist to support people in ways that were more aligned with her ethics and values. On 23rd September 2021, the Psychology Council of NSW suspended her psychology registration, citing 10 anonymous complaints. These related to a video she had released outlining serious concerns around harms to children (of all ages, including in-utero) due to the Australian Government’s pandemic response measures. 

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  • Read a full summary of the situation in Ros’s letter to various Australian bureaucratic agencies here
  • Watch the video that led to Ros’s suspension below


  1. Thank you so much for your work. I am in France where Rumble isn’t allowed. Is there any other way to watch the video? Alos I would like to know how else people can help apart from signing the declaration.

    1. Being watching Dr John Campbell for years and wow what a video you both done together. Thank you so much my eyes are now wide open as to what has been happening. I have had 7 COVID injections just had an operation to take out my pacemaker and replace it with a new one. I am lucky, but now have cardio myopathy, first time i have been told this in 20 years. It has always been atrial fibrillation.

    2. Hi Joanna!

      Have you considered using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? It will allow you to circumvent the restrictions placed by your country. VPNs also mask your identity (IP address).

      There are free VPNs such as Proton (it also has a paid service that allows you many more options).
      Good luck and please stay safe.

    3. Hi Joanna – seriously is Rumble banned in France?? I had no idea – terrible. I think there might be an old copy on my youtube profile. We are always on the lookout for volunteers so if that’s something that interests you, please send an email re Volunteering on the contact form. Thanks, Ros NC

      1. I just watched your youtube video with Dr John Campbel.
        “COVID psycological manipulation”

        Everyone should watch this!

        I saw all the signs you mentioned.
        Thank you for explaining why some people are able to see things whilst others dont.
        That was very important for me.
        The only possible explanation I had myself previously was that bein INFJ meant I realised things due to that…

        Insecure attatchment was new to me and you explained clearly how it works.
        Also about the 12.5% of the population acting like canaries…
        Everything you said makes total sense.

        Thank you so much.


  2. Well done just watched Jong Campbell interview brilliant thankyou so much keep up the good work
    Regards Nick Rogers

  3. That was the best , most thought provoking and inspiring interview I have had the pleasure of viewing in a lonnnngggg time! Thank you both Dr. John and Ros Nealon-Cook!

  4. Just watched your video with John Cambell and have shared it with many friends and family including my two sisters on Oz. People are slowly waking up. Thank you for your great work and personal sacrifice.

  5. Hi Ros I’m a Blue Mountains local and I juts watched your interview on John Campbells YouTube … everything you say is true Thankyou for speaking out and I’m sorry you lost your job crimes against humanity are being committed it’s just madness.. much respect to you 🙏❤️

  6. Hello, I just watched your interview with Dr John Campbell.

    I highly recommend that you get in contact with Prof. Gloria Moss from UK. She has part of the answer why so many people fall for the psychological manipulation. Prof. Moss has been in deep research on the personality traits between those who fall for the propaganda vs those who didn’t.

    Take a listen to her presentation here

    People who are awake and could see-through the propaganda tend to have “N” and “F” in their Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Compares to the “ST” people who overwhelmingly fell for the propaganda.

    What this research tells us is, the people who could see the propaganda are the “HEART” people, instead of “BRAIN” people. They are in-touch with their feelings and intuitions.

    Furthermore, what this finding tells me is. Seeing-through a Fear Propaganda has nothing to do with Intelligence or IQ. Instead, this has everything to do with Emotional Intelligence or EQ

    I hope you will get in contact with Prof. Moss and compare notes. Her website is

  7. Is the signing of the declaration aimed at health professionals or can anyone sign it to add numbers to the initiative?
    Where and how do I access the declaration ?
    Apologies I am unskilled in using iT methods.

  8. Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom. It all makes sense. I retired from Counselling November 2022.
    Since then the whole team of my colleagues have been shut down in the most absurd and psychotic ways.
    Please keep up this wonderful information.

    1. I too am a former therapist who worked for major clinic in my area. Lost everything and had a list of “complaints” that stripped my credibility and reputation. Now, I am mocked and ridiculed. My heart goes out to you and everyone else that might share in our experiences. This declaration has taught me we are not alone. Peace on Earth.

  9. Thank you so much for shining a light on the injustices taking place. I saw your interview with Dr John Campbell and signed the declaration straight away. Like many who could see what was really going on, I tried to warn family and friends using facts and statistics, which didn’t work. Like you said in your interview, we need a new approach.

  10. Hi Ros, That was/is a terrific interview with John Campbell. You hit the nail on the head with a lot of your remarks. I would like to say a lot here, but I won’t because it would be too much. Just two sayings from Mark Twain: “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re not informed, if you do you’re misinformed”, and “It’s easier to fool people then to convince them they’ve been fooled”. This whole covid scam is a psyop of seldom seen magnitude.
    Keep up this very important work.

  11. Thank you for helping us understand why smart people can be so dumb. We have just watched the John Campbell interview. Similar language is being used with climate change. Blessed are the peace makers…. those who can listen and understand but not necessarily agree with each other. All the best.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your very helpful information with us! It’s the best youtube video I’ve seen in a long time. One of the 12 % canaries, here. I find it particularly odd that these psychiatric theories also apply to the political divide in the US. I have found that with family members, the vaccine and subsequent government debauchery is just about the only thing we can agree on, besides naturopathic medicine. I would love to hear you bring your knowledge into the world of political divide about fascism vs democracy. These issue do actually coincide with the pandemic divide, and serve to keep people separated, creating weakness in the power of people against corporate control.

  13. Brilliant interview with John Campbell. I feel remiss not to have heard of you earlier! Well done for your courage. Listening to you made me feel hopeful, and gave me better tools and strategies to try and have difficult conversations with those who cannot understand the danger we face collectively. I prefer your approach to that of Desmet (mass-formation psychosis) who tends to blame the masses for their predicament. Dr Peter Breggin shows more compassion, as do you for those who are overly trusting of a system that has let them down and damaged them so badly. I look forward to following your work.

  14. hi, retired educator. want to sign your declaration.
    want to listed to your soon up coming discussion.s

    i not into technology.
    no tv.
    have computer
    how to i contact you

    regards. trisha Australia

    1. Hi Trisha, thanks for getting in touch. We will send out updates regarding upcoming discussions to all signatories of the declaration. You will hear from us in next few weeks.
      Lighthouse Admin

  15. Thank you John and Ros for your voices and ongoing discussion on this topic. I’m from Canada 🇨🇦 working with young folks and experienced major challenges from the mandates. Many families are still recovering from the impacts of the measures. You are making a necessary impact.

  16. Brilliant interview with John Campbell, who I have followed a bit for a while. Thank you for your explanations of various issues. Your explanations of how detachment can occur that you included in your interview have given me new insight into our family and how we grew up. The option to extend grace to those who are still so blinded by the C19 nonsense was immensely freeing. Thank you again.

  17. Hi Ros, I just finished watching your interview with John and it was by far one of the best conversations I’ve heard in four years.
    As one of the 12 percent my alarm bells were going off in early 2020. Being able to see through this so easily and yet be on the receiving end of such hate was a very traumatic time for me.
    I agree with everything you say, your approach is in fact the way forward.
    Thank you for your wisdom and strength to travel this path, I’m rate there with you!


    1. Frank – I agree with your sentiments exactly – I wonder what everyone else would say about the politicians and health bureaucrats who got up to speak at the daily press conferences we lived through? I couldn’t take them seriously – their body language was just oozing lies – did all of us in the 12 percent see that as well ?

  18. Brilliant interview with Dr John Campbell! As a concerned citizen and mother of 2 daughters, I’ve signed your declaration and will share with others! I would love to hear your podcasts!

  19. I’m one of the canaries. Thank you so much Ros. So good to watch your interview with John C.
    I find similar silence around the health impact of ever expanding exposure to electromagnetic radiation from our devices, wifi, phone towers etc. I developed electrohypersensitivity from the placing of a Smart meter near my bedroom. I am now well remediated, with help and much research.

  20. Hi All, from the USA. I’m a dual USA/AUS citizen and practiced EM in both countries for over 30 years.
    -Signer of the Great Barrington Declaration.
    -Forced to resign in Sept 2021 d/t vax jab refusal (even tho’ I’d had C-19 clinically, and thus far superior natural immunity.)
    -The entire C-19 roll out and political cover-up is the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated imho. ? over 17m vaccine deaths per a recent Canadian study.
    -Very glad to see my Aussie brethren going on he offense here.
    -Also, there is hope for the vax injured! Much of it free and lifestyle changes. I highly recommend everyone check out The Wellness Company, lead by Dr Peter McCullough et al.
    -Also FLCCC (Front Line Critical Care Coalition). They’ve developed extensive treatment and prevention/ amelioration protocols – all free, on-line. Please utilize them.
    My best to all brave colleagues as we try to enlighten humanity and prevent further damage and begin the process of Nuremberg 2 trials for the perpetrators.
    -Oh, finally, don’t boost! Vax damage is clearly cumulative.

    Cheers, Francis Nolan, MD, FACEM, FACEP

  21. Hello from Alberta Canada,
    I absolutely resonated with Ros’s description of her ‘awakening’. My own experience has been mind blowing and heart breaking, to say the least! I witnessed so many friends and family hypnotized to believe what the TV talking heads were telling them and believing I was a conspiracy theorist cult member for wanting to talk about the ‘global agenda’ and evidence the injections were harmful. My education and work experience with clinical psychology and neuropsychology may have prepared me to properly perceive what was happening but powerless to effectively counter the powerful legacy media narratives. Many working professionals who spoke up were censored and punished and our country became upside down clown world in very short order! The Canadian Freedom Convoy in 2022 brought so much hope and energy to so many people like myself who were feeling rejected, isolated and voiceless. Joining the convoy I witnessed how love and hope became powerful agents for courage and calm within the spirit of our people despite the extreme cold and persecution. We are in a spiritual battle and we have much to learn individually and as a collective about who and what we really are. Bittersweet and I am so grateful!

  22. I just watched the interview with John Campbell. Totally brilliant. My theme video on my YouTube channel Sissi8610, is a short interview with Dr Carl Jung. He says that “man must be studied”, he is the “source of all coming evil”, and “We know far too little of him”. Everytime I listen to him, I get goosebumps. And some of the things you said, and the deep knowledge, also gave me goosebumps. Powerful stuff. I totally agree, people need to learn that they have been manipulated. I would love to learn how to make them realize that. Handing out leaflets in 2020 often opened me up to abuse, and often people’s eyes just glaze over. Very frustrating, but I always stay polite, I don’t like arguments.

  23. Ros I also commented on Dr. John’s You Tube thread, and am so pleased I’ve finally found someone in Australia whose values and integrity I really resonate with. It was brilliant to finally understand the insanity of the last few years and why so many whip-smart friends and colleagues fell hook line and sinker for the narrative without even questioning it. Many of us feel this way, but have been too afraid to speak out. I applaud your courage and those of your colleagues, I have signed your declaration and would love to be kept informed of other events or podcasts you put out. Thank you.

  24. Hi! I’m a subscriber of Dr John Campbell’s YouTube site, but missed your very informative and explicative conversation when first published (due to algorithms perhaps?) Watched it, and your Lighthouse video today. Thanks for making such good sense of things!
    Anyway, I’m at the ‘dusk hours’ of my life at the age of 77, I hold a dual citizenship of Australia and Finland which is my current country of residence.
    My awakening to the population control; driven by all powerfull profit-seeking organisations that get to dictate governmental regulations and medias pretty much globally; came at the latter half of year 2020, when, for an example, the TV news re Covid-19 and what appeared to be actually happening around me – living in Portugal at that time – didn’t seem to concur, or make much ‘common sense’.
    It seems that here in Finland most of us are still ‘sleepwalking’, ie blindly trusting in the mainstream media and the government doing always what is best for the people – ie AS THEY SHOULD!!!

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