Dr Clare Craig


My generation has let our children down catastrophically, but we also have a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave them with something better than we found it.

Profession: Medical Doctor, Diagnostic Pathologist

Position: Raised professional concerns about public health responses to COVID being taken nationally and globally through extensive writing in social media platforms, newspaper articles and books.



Dr Clare Craig (BM BCh FRCPath) studied medicine at Cambridge University before moving to Oxford University for her three years clinical training. She is a diagnostic pathologist and medical doctor with more than 20 years experience, both within and outside the English NHS (National Health Service). Her expertise includes working on the 100,000 Genome Project and AI cancer diagnostics.

In early 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Dr Craig was, like many of us, caught up in the dramatic COVID newsfeeds and worried about the health of her family. Yet by the following summer, she was seriously concerned about the testing mechanisms being employed, which was her area of expertise. Dr Clare felt an ethical obligation to speak out and despite initial fears, was encouraged to do so by a colleague.

Actions & Outcomes

Dr. Craig has expressed skepticism regarding various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic response, including the accuracy of PCR testing, the concept of asymptomatic transmission, and the counting of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

In March 2021, Dr. Craig announced a ‘COVID Death Audit; through the ‘COVID-19 Assembly’ account, encouraging submissions from NHS staff, the public, and bereaved families to scrutinise official UK COVID death attributions. This initiative aimed to investigate potential misattributions of COVID-19 deaths.

Current Status

Dr Craig continues in her tireless attempts to raise awareness through writing and speaking out. She is an active member of many groups around the world including Co-chair of the British HART (link below).

Why this Lighthouse?

Dr Craig has chosen a simple ‘tea-light’ as her ‘Lighthouse’. She wanted a light which represents a single person, one who might not feel they have much to contribute. When ethical red lines need protection, every person counts. Every time someone speaks up, even just among the people they usually mix with, to stand up for others or to call out harm, then they make a difference. Only when that happens can any light really penetrate.


  • Interview discussing Dr Craig’s new book on COVID ‘Expired
  • HART Group (Health Advisory & Recovery Team)


  1. I love the idea of the tea-light. It truly symbolises a simple, individual message that, when combined with others, has the ability to create an empowering light to give vision and guidance.

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