Dr Katharina Deutsch

The Netherlands

Ask questions, be curious and inquisitive, inform yourself widely and then speak your truth.

Profession: Medical Doctor, Integrative Medical Physician

Position: Dr. Deutsch encountered unprecedented challenges in Dutch medical history when she received significant fines for prescribing safe and proven medicines. This situation underscores her dedication to patient care and her willingness to challenge conventional boundaries for the improvement of patient health.



Dr Katharina Deutsch trained in medicine and General Practice in the United Kingdom, before moving to the Netherlands in 2000. Here, she trained in broader aspects of healing becoming a doctor of functional medicine specialising in Lyme disease, and chronic fatigue. Dr Deutsch started up a solo practice in the Netherlands in 2005.

Actions & Outcomes

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced significant challenges for Dr. Deutsch, professionally and personally. Inspired by the FLCCC’s evidence-based approach, she embarked on extensive global research into COVID-19 treatments. She advocated strongly for vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements, alongside ivermectin and other medications. Her commitment extended to her involvement with the ‘Zelfzorg COVID19′ doctors group, facilitating care where GPs were unavailable. Despite facing a €3000 fine for her prescribing practices, Dr. Deutsch upheld her ethical standards, arguing passionately for her patients’ right to informed and safe treatments. Her legal battle continues as she challenges the fine in the high court, defending her principled stance on medical practice.

Current Status

Dr. Deutsch continues her medical practice, advocating for patient rights and the ethical use of medication. She remains engaged in her appeal against the fines, asserting the safety and necessity of her medical practices.

Why this Lighthouse?

Dr Deutsch has selected the 300 year old windmills of Kinderdijk in the Netherlands as her ‘lighthouse’. Windmills are a tribute to ingenuity of the Dutch people. The Kinderdijk have played a crucial role in controlling water levels and preventing flooding in the region for centuries. They continues to safeguard the local community and surrounding areas from the dangers of inundation. Its enduring legacy not only preserves Dutch heritage but also demonstrates the nation’s unwavering commitment to protecting its people and land from natural hazards.


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