Dr Sam White


“Now we must unite . We must come together and say ‘No More’ – this is never happening again .

Profession: Doctor of Functional Medicine (formerly Primary Care Physician)

Position: Dr White spoke out publicly about his serious concerns regarding the governments’ response to Covid. These included mandatory masking, PCR testing, the ‘vaccination’ roll-out, the experimental nature of the gene-based technology, and lack of informed consent.



Dr White qualified in 2004, has worked in A&E and helped run a palliative care unit for a time. After working as a GP for 11 years, he was invited to become a partner in the Hampshire practice where he’d worked as a popular locum.  He resigned this ‘job for life’ as a partner because of his doubts about Covid-19 vaccines. After expressing concerns to the GMC and NHS, and receiving no meaningful response, he then turned to social media as a last resort. The video put out on social media in June 2021 explained why he resigned – essentially because he disagreed with the mandatory wearing of masks (for which there is no evidence to support their use) as well as the Covid vaccine rollout. He was especially concerned for children who were never at significant risk of coming to harm from Covid. Dr White knew that effective treatments were available and people were being left untreated needlessly. He felt that no-one in the NHS was willing to listen to balanced debate on the Covid response.

Actions & Outcomes

Dr White was suspended by NHS England for questioning coronavirus protocol and a senior supervisor insinuated he was suffering from mental health issues for taking this stance. He was ordered not to make comments about anything to do with Covid, or the government’s response to it, for 18 months.

He took them to the High Court.

In December 2021, Dr Sam won his High Court battle for freedom of speech against his governing body, the General Medical Council (GMC) and Medical Practitioners Tribunal.  Lord Justice Dove commented that the tribunal had made an ‘error of law’ banning Dr White from social media that was in breach of his human rights according to the Human Rights Act 1988. Dr White can now post information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – if he can get past their censors and fact checkers – but remains under continual GMC investigation despite asking to have his name removed from the register and no longer paying fees.

Current Status

Dr White has shifted his focus to Functional Medicine, and has noticed a massive difference using ‘root cause’ evidence-based practice. He finds that patients now seem to recover rather than being on medication lifelong – especially those with so called ‘unexplained medical symptoms.’

Why this Lighthouse?

Dr White has chosen Hurst Point Lighthouse which guides ships through the Solent and steers safe passage from what can be the treacherous waters of the English Channel. Dr White grew up and still lives near the Solent waterway.

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  1. I fully support Dr. White’s stance against the corruption involved in the Covid fiasco. Thankfully he was not one of the thousands of cowards who chose their careers over their obligation to uphold the Hippocratic Oath.
    For this reason I approached him, as a trusted doctor, for dietary advice which has improved my health tremendously.

  2. Dr. Sam White stood up and was counted. For his honest conviction he has been vilified and bullied by the GMC and it continues to harass him although he is no longer registered with them.His conviction and truth telling has cost him dearly. His work in functional medicine and ongoing search for truth and honesty will benefit humanity on many levels. Dr. Sam is ability and compassion for patients is a credit to him, he is a professional who I trust, respect and recommend. Thankyou for all the work and truth Sam.

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