Erika Delph


 “Like the lighthouse that illuminates a safe passage, so shall we stand resilient, guiding others as we move forward.”

Profession: Pharmacist

Position: Erika harboured significant professional concerns about the policy and treatment protocols for COVID-19 patients. She was not willing to comply with the mandated COVID-19 injections.



A seasoned pharmacist, Erika became increasingly alarmed by her observations early on during the ‘pandemic’. Her concerns escalated with the rise in unusual health conditions she witnessed, particularly among young and healthy individuals, post-‘vaccination’. These were conditions she had rarely, if ever, seen before. The lack of questioning from her peers and their refusal to consider early preventative and treatment measures that could potentially have been effective, troubled her deeply. This situation led to a loss of respect for many of her colleagues and a dwindling faith in her profession.

Actions & Outcomes

Erika’s decision to terminate her 28-year professional career was precipitated by the mandatory requirement for all VCU Health employees to receive ‘vaccinations’ that she believed were neither sufficiently tested nor necessary. She perceived the hospital’s actions as unethical and irresponsible, leading to her resignation in August 2021.

The loss of her career coupled with loss of faith in her profession profoundly impacted Erika and resulted in questioning her purpose and a need to rediscover meaning in her life.

Current Status

Determined to find a new purpose and application for her skills, Erika now volunteers full time for DailyClout, analysing medical and pharmaceutical research documents and assisting with writing reports. Contributing to ensuring that people have access to unbiased truth has given Erika renewed energy – and she has become an inspiration to others. Erika’s journey demonstrates that setbacks can have a silver lining, that we all have a unique piece to contribute – and that collectively, we can make the world a better place.

Why this Lighthouse?

The New Point Comfort Lighthouse stands majestically in Erika’s home state of Virginia. This lighthouse is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the nation, having withstood the ravages of both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Despite sustaining severe damage during these monumental conflicts, it has valiantly persevered and continues to shine its guiding light, a symbol of resilience and steadfastness.

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