Fiona Marlow


When we all stand together – and speak together – we are an incredibly powerful force.

Profession: Midwife, Nurse & Occupational Therapist

Position: While working as a midwife during the pandemic, Ms Marlow became increasingly concerned over the strategies implemented for mothers and children …



Fiona is an Occupational Therapist, has completed a Masters of Nursing and Post Grad Midwifery. She has worked across many areas in health care, as an Occupational Therapist and a midwife, predominantly with families but her passion is midwifery. Normal pregnancy and birth are not ‘medical events’. Prior to Covid, Fiona already had concerns about the over-medicalisation of birth – and she created a Birth Hub where education and support for birthing women could be shared.

Actions & Outcomes

Fiona observed how inhumane the Covid response was, along with its outcomes on birthing families. She warned both her employer and women of the possible dangers of untested medications, including vaccinations, in pregnancy. She hoped against hope she would be wrong but the evidence became overwhelming. She resigned from her position as a midwife as she could not comply with being forced to recommend an untested vaccine on pregnant women. 

Current Status

Fiona is now seeking answers to the harm this continues to cause. To do no harm lies at the core of all medical practice.  She is working to overcome the fear and silence that the authorities across the world have imposed on maternity carers – and encouraging them to find the courage to speak the truth. Fiona believes the power of a mother’s love can overcome the darkest places.

Why this Lighthouse?

Running along the ocean is Fiona’s daily meditation. St Kilda Lighthouse shines on the dark place Melbourne became through Covid. 

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