Gerry Pyves

New Zealand

Gerry Pyves

Terrible wrongs have been done; we need to learn from them.”

Profession: Psychotherapist & Lifetime Bodyworker

Position: Pyves believes that ‘Covid’ was the greatest con-trick ever to be played on a global population and that we will bear the damage of this for several generations.



Pyves is a registered Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He has been working clinically both as a massage therapist and a psychotherapist for 40 years. He is endorsed by the governing bodies for Transactional Analysis worldwide to both teach and supervise Psychotherapists. He has trained more than 3,000 massage therapists to advanced level in subjects ranging from injury prevention to working with the trauma being carried in the bodies of their clients. Pyves has recently published a book called ‘Touching Trauma, Building Resilience’, which proposes a revolutionary new way of using touch to remove trauma from the human nervous system.

Actions & Outcomes

Pyves refusal to be ‘vaccinated’, meant he was forbidden to see clients, so he instead took to the streets and has been campaigning for our ‘right to choose’ ever since. Since coming out as a political activist, he now runs a weekly radio show where people can talk freely about their experiences.  

Current Status

Now that Pyves is permitted to see clients again, he spreads his time between clinical work in Wānaka and his political and broadcasting activities.

Why this Lighthouse?

Pyves lives in inland New Zealand and has chosen the sacred site, Lake Wānaka. The beautiful Wānaka Tree stands solitary in the glacial waters of the lake, serving as a poignant symbol of resilience and endurance. Defying the typical growth environment for the willow species, it stands firmly rooted directly in the lake. The fact that it thrives in such an unexpected and challenging location makes it a symbol of strength, protection and safety, an inspiring visual reminder that with steadfastness and persistence, one can thrive in even the most difficult circumstances. Historically, Lake Wānaka was an annual gathering site for tribes to mix, hunt and see healers from all over the South Island of New Zealand. This is the reason it features on the cover of his book.


📻Radio show: Reality Check Radio

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