Hanna Parikka


“I refused to release a single embryo from the lab for transfer until critical discussions were started. I will not allow my expertise, experience and intuition to be bought or manipulated.”

Profession: Former IVF Biologist & Biotechnologist

Position: Took leave of absence in 2021 and ultimately resigned from her position as an IVF biologist in 2024. Her decision was driven by profound concerns regarding medical ethics and transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hanna Parikka is a Finnish IVF biologist with extensive experience in the field of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). She earned her Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from the University of Kuopio, focusing on Applied Biotechnology and after graduating, worked in multiple research groups in the fields of neuroscience, immunology and exercise biology.

Since 2005, Parikka has been extensively involved in various aspects of IVF laboratory work, including the handling of gametes, fertilisation techniques, embryo culture, cryopreservation of gametes and embryos, sperm and egg banking, quality management and training of new laboratory staff.

Actions & Outcomes

Parikka has been vocal about her concerns regarding the ethical standards and scientific bases of health policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parikka’s critical stance on how pregnant women, fertile aged people and children were treated during the pandemic led her to resign from her position, arguing that she did not want to be complicit in what she viewed as breaches of medical ethics and human rights. Her resignation and subsequent public statements have brought her significant attention and support, especially from those who value stringent scientific scrutiny and transparency in health policy.

Current Status

Since resigning, Parikka has continued to engage actively in public discourse about medical ethics and transparency in health care. She has been involved in writing, participating in discussions, and advocating for a more critical examination of health policies and practices.

Parikka has emphasised the importance of informed consent, the ethical implications of medical interventions, and the need for a more robust scientific debate around contentious issues such as the COVID-19 vaccination programs. She stresses the importance of personal accountability rather than delegating responsibility to authorities. Additionally, she has expressed a commitment to volunteer work, including reading, attending meetings, and participating in conferences, particularly focusing on supporting people with vaccine-related injuries and promoting health autonomy. Her efforts are geared towards encouraging broader discussion on these topics, aiming to influence change and greater accountability in medical practices and public health policies.

Why this Lighthouse?

Parikka has chosen Utö Lighthouse, located in Pargas municipality in the Turunmaa archipelago, Finland. Situated on the island’s summit, the original round lighthouse (Finland’s first lighthouse) was destroyed during the Russo-Swedish Wars of 1808-09. The present 24-metre-high (79 ft) tower was constructed in 1814 and the lens was installed in 1906.  Utö is the closest lighthouse to where Parikka lives, which she describes as one of the most beautiful areas of Finland. It perfectly symbolises the ‘rebuilding’ that is possible on the other side of this current ‘war on humanity’.


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