Reneé Laux


“Not to oppose error is to approve it, and not to defend truth is to suppress it…”

Profession: Human Genetics Research Director (former Perinatal Genetic Counsellor)

Position: Laux was profoundly disturbed by the abandonment of established safety protocols and policies—cornerstones of her entire career —in the rollout of COVID vaccines. This included: 1) the absence of comprehensive safety data for pregnant women contemplating vaccination; 2) the widespread deployment of ‘incentives’ to boost vaccine acceptance; 3) restrictions on obtaining vaccine exemptions. Laux firmly opposed mandatory vaccination, especially for young individuals and pregnant women, citing significant ethical concerns.


Laux holds a Master’s degree in Human Genetics from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health. Initially, she dedicated 16 years to perinatal genetic counselling, focusing on the health and welfare of mothers and their unborn children. Subsequently, she advanced to senior research roles in human genetics at various universities and now occupies a directorial position, overseeing Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols. IRBs, also referred to as Ethics Review Boards, play a crucial role globally in universities, ensuring that research participants are protected from coercion and harm.

Actions & Outcomes

Laux was deeply troubled by the compromised ethical standards evident during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Her concerns centered on two primary issues: first, the unexpected endorsement of the vaccine by Reprotox (the USA’s teratogen information service, which provides information about exposures in pregnancy and birth defects) despite a clear lack of safety data for pregnant women; and second, the IRB’s failure to speak out against using incentives to promote vaccine uptake—practices normally rejected on ethical grounds. These deviations from the traditionally meticulous and cautious approaches alarmed Laux, as they conflicted with the fundamental principles of thorough safety evaluation and voluntary participation, cornerstones of ethical medical practices.

After declining the vaccine, Laux was barred from working on the university campus. She refused to provide the extensive medical information her employer requested for an exemption, citing the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act. Working from home, she was excluded from campus meetings or events. In a resourceful workaround, when face-to-face meetings were necessary, she held them in the lobby of a hotel adjacent to the university, where colleagues would come to consult with her—an unconventional yet necessary arrangement under the circumstances.

Outside of work, Laux was vigilant in her efforts to safeguard others. She wrote letters to her daughter’s university president, urging the withdrawal of the vaccination mandate, and supported her other daughter in securing an exemption from her employer. Furthermore, she assisted others by helping writing vaccine exemption requests, particularly voicing opposition to mandates affecting young people and pregnant women. Additionally, Laux collaborated with a team of medical professional volunteers to scrutinise information released by Pfizer.

Current Status

Laux remains employed by the same university and, in May 2024, was allowed to return to work on campus. She received no official notification of this change; rather, she found out when her access badge unexpectedly functioned once again. She remains active in her efforts to safeguard others, notably by supporting

Why this Lighthouse?

Laux has chosen Bass Harbor Head Light in Maine, USA. She began visiting this the lighthouse regularly, when she was in college nearby. This lighthouse has been a beacon of safety since its establishment in 1858. It was constructed to guide mariners through the treacherous waters surrounding the harbour, particularly helping them navigate safely around the rocky coastline. Its light, which still operates today, serves as a crucial aid for navigation, ensuring the protection of sailors and their vessels as they approach the harbor.


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